Our artistic florists have the expertise and knowledge to take your dreams and transform them into a reality.

Our florists will discuss your ideas and present you with a range of styles and forms that you can decide from.

When you have made your decision, our florists will help you to create the dream atmosphere you desire.

Do you envisage your wedding to be romantic or unconventional? Baroque? Vintage? Or maybe ultra-contemporary? It is your decision…

The flowers can say it all.

Our services include:

- Beautiful bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets

- Lapels, circlets, wrist and body corsages

- Car or horse-drawn carriage decoration

- Ceremonial venue decorations including: pews, altar, archways and tall floral arrangements

- Reception venue decorations including: bridal and guest table centres, stunning ceiling and wall decorations

La Vie en Rose is a premium Wedding Florist in Beecroft.


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